i want to login to my Steamaccount using the Steam CLI provided by Valve:


normally i would use the login command: -login <[username]|anonymous> [password]

But this doesn't work when the account you want to log in to is Steam Guard secured. Because this forces you into a new window where you have to input your SteamGuardCode.

Is there any possible workaround so i can pass the SteamGuardCode to Steam while i run the initial login Command?

I've already tried passing the code after and instead of the Password. But both didn't work.

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You have an option set_steam_guard_code in the link you provided.
Additionally you can use https://github.com/dyc3/steamguard-cli to get the code without a phone, but some people will say that it defeats the purpose of 2FA, I'm not a security expert. So the command would be something like this

steamcmd.exe set_steam_guard_code 012345 login password

or you can use steamcmd command:

login   [<password>|anonymous] [<Steam guard code>] Login to Steam
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    Steam probably added this feature after you've asked the question, but maybe someone will be looking for the answer
    – Rustacean
    Aug 15 at 0:22

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