I have a computed URL property.

const params = ref<any>({
   pagination: {
       page: page.value,
       pageSize: pageSize.value,
   populate: "*",

const url = computed(() => {
   return `http://localhost:1337/api/products?${qs.stringify(params.value)}`;

I use this URL to send a get request in Nuxt using useFetch

const { data: productsFetched } = await useFetch<any>(url);
const products = computed(() => flattenObj(productsFetched.value));

There is a function show more that needs to change the pageSize attr. of params which triggers the useFetch to send another request. The problem with this is that it will overwrite the data that I already have stored in the computed products property. I tried to add some logic to my showMore function but i ended up wanting to change the computed property with array concatenation and of course it didn't let me do that. I tried to see if I could add login in the useFetch function, there is an option onResponse which accepts a function, but I can't access old data from useFetch.

How do i work around this problem? Here is a snippet of my showMore function as of now.

const showMore = async () => {
    params.value = {
        pagination: {
            page: page.value + 1,
            pageSize: pageSize.value,

    const { data: newProducts } = await useFetch<any>(url);

    productsFetched.value = [...productsFetched.value, ...newProducts.value];

Of course this doesn't work since productsFetched cannot really accept a value i believe, it throws an error, and I can't assign the value to products since that one is computed. I really don't want to make a third variable because already i believe im doing something wrong.

  • You can refetch with new params. If you need to combine one paginated result with another then yes, you need a third variable Commented Mar 28, 2023 at 12:53
  • @EstusFlask Could you please provide a working example for what you mentioned ?
    – Ramy Ahmed
    Commented Jan 11 at 16:53
  • @RamyAhmed Something like const { data, refresh } = await useFetch(url, { query: params }); ... params.value = ...; refresh(). If it's not applicable to your case then consider asking a new question that reflects it Commented Jan 11 at 17:21

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For anyone still looking for this, the following worked for me:

const page = ref(1);
const productsFetched: any = ref([]);

const { data: products  }: any = await useFetch('url', {
params: { page },
watch: [page],
transform: (res: any) => {
    productsFetched.value = [...productsFetched.value, ...res.newProducts];
    return productsFetched.value;

const loadMore = () => {
  page.value =++;

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