Redis has the following settings:

"config get maxmemory"

1) "maxmemory"
2) "2147483648"

(which is 2G)

But when I do "info"


Clearly it ignores all the settings... Why?


"config get maxmemory-policy" shows:

1) "maxmemory-policy" 
2) "volatile-ttl" 

and: "config get maxmemory-samples" shows:

1) "maxmemory-samples" 
2) "3" 

What means, they should expire keys with the nearest expiration date...

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Do you have expiration settings on all your keys? volatile-ttl will only remove keys with an expiration set. This should be in your info output.

If you don't have expiration ttls set try allkeys-lru or allkeys-random for your policy.


According to http://redis.io/topics/faq

You can also use the "maxmemory" option in the config file to put a limit to the memory Redis can use. If this limit is reached Redis will start to reply with an error to write commands (but will continue to accept read-only commands).

  • According to: config get maxmemory-policy 1) "maxmemory-policy" 2) "volatile-ttl" and: config get maxmemory-samples 1) "maxmemory-samples" 2) "3" They should expire keys with the nearest expiration date...
    – alexeypro
    Sep 28, 2011 at 20:48

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