I found the following attribute in one xml layout:


What is the meaning of @null? What is the difference between specifying background="@null" and omitting background attribute?


If I remember correctly, omitting the background attribute sets a default background. However, explicitly setting background to "@null" removes the background, causing whatever is below the element to be shown. In particular, if you for instance set the background of a Button to null, the border of the button will also be gone (and the button effectively will not really look like a button at all).


What i have observed if i do android:background="@null"or android:background="@android:color/transparent" both have same effect, they just remove the background of the view, so you will see the background colour of the view which is beneath this view.

  • For me @android:color/transparent is working ok, the other one: android:background="@null" is throwing an error, I'm using a constraint layout as a container. Thanks! – dicarlomagnus May 1 at 21:29

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