I had the following query using normal linq and it was working great (using anonymous type),

     var result = from s in Items
            group s by s.StartTime into groupedItems
            select new {groupedItems.Key, Items= groupedItems.OrderBy(x => x.Name) };

But using Dynamic Linq I cannot get it to order by within the groupby.

     result = Items.GroupBy("StartTime", "it").OrderBy("Name");

It states the Name isn't available. It is worth noting that if I take my OrderBy off, everything works great but items inside each "Key" are not ordered.

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This is a good question!

I simulated your situation by creating a class called Item.

public class Item
    public DateTime StartTime { get; set; }
    public string Name { get; set; }

and then created a basic list of items to do the groupby.

List<Item> Items = new List<Item>()
    new Item() { StartTime = DateTime.Today, Name = "item2"},
    new Item() { StartTime = DateTime.Today, Name = "item1"},
    new Item() { StartTime = DateTime.Today.AddDays(-1), Name = "item3"},

Now the big difference in the 2 queries is where the order by is being performed. In the first query, when you perform groupedItems.OrderBy(x => x.Name) its being performed on a IGrouping<DateTime,Item> or a single entry as it iterates through all the groupings.

In the second query, the orderby is being performed after the fact. This means you're doing an orderby on a IEnumerable<IGrouping<DateTime,Item>> because the iterations have already happened.

Since Microsoft was nice they added something to help deal with this for expressions. This overload allows you to specify the item returned as it iterates through the collection. Here's an example of the code:

var expressionResult = Items.GroupBy(x => x.StartTime, 
(key, grpItems) => new { key, Items = grpItems.OrderBy(y => y.Name) });

The second part of the GroupBy you can specify a lambda expression that takes a key and a grouping of items under that key and return an entry that you specify, which is the same as you're doing in the original query.

Hope this helps!

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