I'm using JQuery Form Plugin and I'm not sure how to set headers.

I want to be able accomplish something like this:

                url: "/url",
                data: post,
                type: "POST",
                beforeSend: function(jqXHR) {
                    jqXHR.setRequestHeader("foo", "bar"); 

but the beforeSubmit event dosn't pass the jqXHR object for manipulation. Any ideas?


The following code works for me.

    headers: {
        "foo": "bar"

As it turns out, the options object you send to the form plugin actually passes the options to the $.ajax method. Therefore you can use the native before send function.

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    Here's an example to set the header with the request using the jquery ajax form plugin beforeSubmit function: options.headers = {'X-Csrf-Token': window.Cookies.get('_csrf')} – David Thomas Dec 28 '16 at 23:42

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