After weeks of performing fantasically, our Asterisk went haywire the other day.

I looked at the logs of our server and it does, indeed, report losing the ability to communicate with Asterisk at some point (we're using the Java API):

org.asteriskjava.fastagi.AgiNetworkException: Unable to send command to Asterisk: Connection reset

In the var/logs/messages file of our Asterisk install, I see this huge string of "Autodestruct" errors, all of which look something similar to this:

[Sep 28 14:47:20] WARNING[25703] chan_sip.c: Autodestruct on dialog '973229537_87662997@' with owner in place (Method: BYE)
[Sep 28 14:51:24] WARNING[25703] chan_sip.c: Autodestruct on dialog '2ad5325a16791b0c33ea74222848e3c0@' with owner in place (Method: BYE)

I've done a Google search, looked on these forums, looked on the Digium forums, and looked on voip-info.org but can't find any good information about what may have happened and how to avoid it.

Our setup is simple: we have a SIP provider and have eight channels with them. We process outgoing calls which remind patients of their dentist appointment and also incoming calls that allow offices to record a custom greeting to give to their patients.

Both calls trigger an AGI script where I present an IVR.

The error seem to have occurred on an incoming call.

Does anyone have any ideas what suddenly caused this?


We resolved this yesterday with help from someone on the Digum forums. It seems that we had a channel held open that Asterisk couldn't destroy. These built up and Asterisk was unable to successfully make calls.

A key thing I implemented was in the AGI scripts it seems that even though a channel has been closed, i.e. someone hung up, it still executes the rest of the script. I now check multiple places to see if the channel has been closed before executing certain actions.

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