I'm learning to use rust,i am using vscode。 I have two cargo projects in my workspace,Why rust-analyzer only has an error message in the first project, but not in the second。 enter image description here

enter image description here

Is there any setting required?

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You need to create workspace:

  • Create Cargo.toml in your root project
  • Add this code:
members = [

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    This doesn't work if you don't have a root project. Furthermore, it has side-effects because the projects will have to share the same target directory, therefore you can end up in a situation where it will have to constantly recompile everything on every change.
    – Luxalpa
    Commented Jun 15 at 10:49

My solution was to add relative paths for all my Cargo.tomls to the rust-analyzer.linkedProjects setting in my workspace (.vscode/settings.json or Ctrl+Shift+P > Preferences: Open Workspace Settings (JSON)).

  "rust-analyzer.linkedProjects": [

This helped intellisense work for both projects.

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