We use NAnt to build our .NET 4.0 solution. One of our .build scripts has inline C# within a block. This is working fine on all machines except my own which is new. I have Visual Studio 2010 with the .NET 4.0 Client Profile and the Extended Framework installed. Earlier .NET versions are not installed.

When executing the script compilation fails with The namespace name 'Linq' does not exist in the namespace name 'System'. I have checked the NAnt.exe.config and the following framework element IS being used:

          description="Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Release"
          sdkdirectory="${path::combine(sdkInstallRoot, 'bin')}"
          frameworkdirectory="${path::combine(installRoot, 'v4.0.30319')}"
          frameworkassemblydirectory="${path::combine(installRoot, 'v4.0.30319')}"

This matches correctly the version of the framework I have installed. My question is, how can NAnt be not finding System.Linq given that it must be using .NET 4.0? The NAnt version is 0.85.

Any help here appreciated. Michael

  • The error inexplicably went away. It would be good to have this question deleted. – MrLane Oct 3 '11 at 0:02

Check out the following question, I think it should answer yours:

Building .NET 4 projects with Nant

  • I already came across that thread, nothing helped. After doing another fresh checkout from SVN the error magically went away. It was the 4th or 5th time I had gotten the code clean, each previous time having failed...no idea why it started working. It certainly wasnt because of config changes to NAnt because our NAnt binaries and config is itself in the same source repository... – MrLane Oct 3 '11 at 0:06

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