I want to use PostgreSQL's native UUID type with a Java UUID. I am using Hibernate as my JPA provider and ORM. If I try to save it directly, it is just saved as a bytea in Postgres.

How can I do this?


Try use the latest development version of the JDBC driver (Currently 8.4dev-700), or wait for the next release version. (Edited to add: 8.4-701 has been released)

The release notes mention this change:

Map the database uuid type to java.util.UUID. This only works for relatively new server (8.3) and JDK (1.5) versions.


Here's a repost of my answer on Postgresql UUID supported by Hibernate? ... I know this question is old, but if someone stumbles across it, this will help them out.

This can be solved by adding the following annotation to the UUID:

import org.hibernate.annotations.Type;
private java.util.UUID itemUuid;

As to why Hibernate doesn't just make this the default setting, I couldn't tell you...

UPDATE: There still seem to be issues using the createNativeQuery method to open objects that have UUID fields. Fortunately, the createQuery method so far has worked fine for me.


you could try with:

 @Column(name="foo", columnDefinition="uuid") 

where columnDefinition is a fragment of native SQL


Try this

@Column(name = "UUID", nullable=false, insertable = false, columnDefinition="uuid DEFAULT uuid_generate_v4()")
private String uuid;

In non-JPA usage I'd create a UserType to format the UUID as a string that PostgreSQL accepts, then just give the name of the UserType implementation as the column type.


Perhaps you can get UUID type to be auto-converted to a String (uuid.toString() should give the canonical 36-char representation)? DBs usually convert things reliably between Strings and native types.

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