In vim I can use = to reindent badly indented lines so




Is there an equivalent keyboard-shortcut for visual studio? Where can I find a list of such shortcuts for future reference?

Edit: Is there a way to do fix just the horizontal indentation? There are some cases where the CTRLK,CtrlF is "fixing" too much. (In the meantime I'll see if I can edit the formatting options to my satisfaction...)

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    Here's a caveat for anyone else tearing their hair out dealing with the same issue as me: Visual Studio will not fix the indentation of html elements that are nested inside of an unrecognized html element. So if you're using a framework that lets you use non-standard elements like <tabset>, anything within <tabset> will be ignored by Visual Studio when applying the Ctrl K + Ctrl F fix. – Bobwise Mar 23 '15 at 18:34

Selecting all the text you wish to format and pressing CtrlK, CtrlF shortcut applies the indenting and space formatting.

As specified in the Formatting pane (of the language being used) in the Text Editor section of the Options dialog.

See VS Shortcuts for more.

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    Note that this reformats the code, which is different from just reindenting it. As far as I know Visual Studio cannot just reindent the lines. – Borek Bernard Oct 12 '14 at 9:11
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    This doesn't work on MAC or for VS version 1.27, you need to set the shortcut yourself. Open Code -> Preferences -> Keyboard shortcuts and search for Reindent Lines or Reindent Selected Lines and set a shortcut. – Sven van Zoelen Oct 1 '18 at 19:38
  • What @SvenvanZoelen mentioned really works fine in VSCodium Version 1.34.0 (1.34.0) too! – alexventuraio Jun 9 '19 at 21:02

I like Ctrl+K, Ctrl+D, which indents the whole document.


Selecting the text to fix, and CtrlK, CtrlF shortcut certainly works. However, I generally find that if a particular method (for instance) has it's indentation messed up, simply removing the closing brace of the method, and re-adding, in fact fixes the indentation anyway, thereby doing without the need to select the code before hand, ergo is quicker. ymmv.


For the Mac users.

For selecting all of the code in the document => cmd+A

For formatting selected code => cmd+K, cmd+F


To fix the indentation and formatting in all files of your solution:

  1. Install the Format All Files extension => close VS, execute the .vsix file and reopen VS;
  2. Menu Tools > Options... > Text Editor > All Languages > Tabs:
    1. Click on Smart (for resolving conflicts);
    2. Type the Tab Size and Indent Size you want (e.g. 2);
    3. Click on Insert Spaces if you want to replace tabs by spaces;
  3. In the Solution Explorer (Ctrl+Alt+L) right click in any file and choose from the menu Format All Files (near the bottom).

This will recursively open and save all files in your solution, setting the indentation you defined above.

You might want to check other programming languages tabs (Options...) for Code Style > Formatting as well.

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