I need to manage a Microsoft Azure subscription as external user.

I followed various guides, added email (is not Microsoft account) in Azure Active Directory external users, sent email invitation, accepted invitation and finally landed on https://applications.microsoft.com but is not what i want, i need to login to https://portal.azure.com and it requires email and password (that i haven't) to login.

Where i'm doing wrong?

  • For my understanding and according to the official Azure documentation on Azure portal sign-in options, "By default, you sign in to the Azure portal with a Microsoft account. This account can be a work or school account or a personal Microsoft account." In order to login with your guest user (Authentication and Conditional), you should authenticate with your IdP first. Is your IdP still available? Do you have the correct permissions to handle the subscription?
    – Nico
    May 2 at 11:47

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External users will receive an invitation email and, once they click accept, they will be landing to https://applications.microsoft.com,buy they can use their email address to log in to https://portal.azure.com now. Microsoft will send a one-time login password to his email before setting up the password. Of course, you need to give them directory access permissions.

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