I have a Power BI matrix defined as below. It has a column header and a number of values. enter image description here

The value fields are configured to Show Values to rows so they are rendered as rows instead of columns. enter image description here

My question now is how to hide the first column of the matrix so I show only the column header and the numbers: enter image description here

I'm using PowerBI version 2.116. Appreciate any advice!

I did see this article recommending to turn off word wrapping then reduce the column width to zero but my UI doesn't have those options. I'm guessing it's because the article is using a Table while I'm using a Matrix and values are displayed as rows?

  • Thank you, @AshokAnumula. I don't think this is applicable. What I'm trying to hide is the header, not the value.
    – Lee
    May 3 at 4:12
  • Have you tried turning off text wrapping and then reducing the column width so it no longer shows? May 3 at 6:32
  • I did see one article recommending that but my UI doesn't have those options to adjust the column width for some reason. :(
    – Lee
    May 3 at 7:12


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