I've been working on a Monorepo and apps folder containing 3 projects:

  • admin
  • commerce
  • vendor

Beside apps folder, there is libs folder which contains separate folders such as components and etc.

I read about Circular Dependencies and I prefer to check the project out by the way but I don't know how to do this in NX, React.

There were some articles on the internet about npm package called madge, I installed it and used but didn't work with NX, React.

Is there any proper way to do so?

Appreciate your answers.

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I looked into madge and it seems you're looking for a visual representation for circular dependencies? NX comes with a built-in visual graph that shows you all the apps, libraries and dependencies that exist between them.

You can run it from the root of the monorepo project in the terminal using:

nx graph

You can even hover your mouse over the dependency arrows to get an idea of which files depend on which libraries.

More on Nx Graph here. Let me know if you're looking for a different solution.

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