I have been trying to deploy statusnet on Amazon EC2. I have set up the AMI and did other necessary things. Now when it comes to installation I get this error:

"No configuration file found.

I looked for configuration files in the following places:






You may wish to run the installer to fix this.

Go to the installer." 

When I click 'Go to the Installer" it shows the installation form but with this message above it:

"Cannot load required extension: gd

Cannot load required extension: xmlwriter

Cannot load required extension: dom "

Please help me to solve this. Thanks.


I have no experiences in installing StatusNet on Amazon EC2, but I'd like give you some suggestions.

  1. Copy the htaccess.sample file to .htaccess in your StatusNet directory and then change the "RewriteBase" in the new .htaccess file to be the URL path to your StatusNet installation on your server.

  2. Modify the php.ini items related to gd, xmlwriter and dom.

  • Thanks for your response. :) Renaming htacess.sample wordked. The other other problemwas solved by installing xml and dom extensions. :) – chinm0y Oct 5 '11 at 12:40

The PHP dependencies (extensions you need) are mentioned in the text file named INSTALL in the root directory of your installation.


  • Curl. This is for fetching files by HTTP.
  • XMLWriter. This is for formatting XML and HTML output.
  • MySQL. For accessing the database.
  • GD. For scaling down avatar images.
  • mbstring. For handling Unicode (UTF-8) encoded strings.

Good luck!

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