i'm trying to upload my app engine project for the very first time and i have no clue why it is not working. the error from my terminal is:

[me][~/Desktop]$ appcfg.py update ProjectDir/
Application: tacticalagentz; version: 1
Host: appengine.google.com

Starting update of app: tacticalagentz, version: 1
Scanning files on local disk.
Error 404: --- begin server output ---
This application does not exist (app_id=u'tacticalagentz').
--- end server output ---

i'm using python 2.6.5 and ubuntu 10.04.

not sure if this is relevant, but i just created a google app engine account today. and i also just created the application today (like a couple of hours ago). this is really frustrating because i just want to upload what i have so far (as a demo). in my app.yaml this is my first line:

application: tacticalagentz

Furthermore, i checked on my admin console, and i CLEARLY see the app id right there, and it matches letter for letter with the app id in my app.yaml

could someone please enlighten me and tell me what i am doing wrong? or is it something beyond my comprehension (like indexing issue with Google that they need time to index my app id) ?

thank you very much in advance

  • check your application ID again. – DocWiki Oct 2 '11 at 18:04
  • What version is your SDK? – Nick Johnson Oct 4 '11 at 2:02

apparently adding the "--no_cookies" parameter will work

appcfg.py update --no_cookies ProjectDir/

the way i was able to find my answer was by uploading my app from my Mac OS X (thank god i have linux mac and windows). AppEngine on Mac OS X comes with a GUI interface, and it worked for uploading. so then i found the command they used in the console, which included "--no_cookies". perhaps if you run into similar issues in the future, this is one approach to getting the answer

  • It worked.. thanks :) – Lipis Feb 3 '12 at 11:38
  • glad to help out :) – David T. Sep 12 '12 at 9:21
  • shouldn't you use appcfg.py -A <project-id> update --no_cookies <ProjectDir>/ ? (none of the versions are working for me) – joey baruch Sep 3 '15 at 22:24

App Engine for Java have the same problem. The problem is about account login.

If you are using Eclipse, use Sign In button.

If u are using command-line, use "-e" option, like this:

appcfg.sh -e your@email.com update yoursite/

I had the same problem. When I changed the name of the app I used in the launcher to match the one in the app engine, It worked without any problem. The way I figured out, it was the name mismatch which caused the problem. You can see the name of your registered app in the admin console of app engine.(https://appengine.google.com/)


Here's what fixed it for me: i had an instance of dev_appserver.py myProjDirectory/ on a different terminal.

i guess the scripts are somehow linked and aren't thread safe


An alternate option that worked for me is to just "Clear Deployment Credential" from the Control option of the GUI. When the app was deployed after this, it opened a google page to allow GAE to access the user profile and then deployment was successful.


The key bit is

This application does not exist (app_id=u'tacticalagentz').

which is telling you that appspot.com doesn't know of an application by that name. The admin console (https://appengine.google.com/) shows your applications. Check there. You might have made an inadvertent typo when you registered the app.

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    thanks for the response. i quadruple checked to make sure i have no typos or anything. apparently you just have to add the "--no_cookies" parameter when uploading. you can check my answer for more details – David T. Nov 23 '11 at 4:16
  • When you see this error it doesn't necessarily mean the application does not exist. It seems to be a catch all for several errors. – Chris Calo Aug 27 '15 at 14:32

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