I am building a script that's powered by google maps where user chooses the a location from a map and save the long, lat in database aa a part of directory listing form.

I was thinking to add a search functionality by world continent for (America, Asia, Europe, Africa).

but this require having the coordinates of these locations like America long between 'xx' and 'yy', lat between 'aa' and 'bb' so I can look it up in the database.*

And I don't seem to find these info any where,

Any help would be appreciated.

  • Could you describe the search functionality a bit more? – Salman Oct 2 '11 at 18:02

Ok, as a quick solution for this search functionality, I'd set-up two tables in a database. One would map every listing to a country, another would map every country to a continent, so that search could be performed joining these two tables. Use google geocoding to get country from latitude/longitude if needed.

A mysql continent/country database can be found here.


There are no simple "lat/lng bounding boxes" for the continents because the continents have irregular boundaries. For example Ankara in Turkey has approximatively lat=40, lng=33. But the latitude 40 crosses Europe, Asia and America; and the longitude 33 crosses Europe, Asia and Africa.

Similarly, there are no simple "lat/lng bounding boxes" for states.

  • basically what I'm trying to achieve is a map similar to one in this website where you can click on continent and it will look it up in the database. as per google map's recommendation I'm using float(10,6) for the long/lat fields. – Frank Oct 3 '11 at 13:17

If you know the tiling algorithm of google maps you can try the spatial index to get all geo codes from a bounding box from a continent. Like the tiling algorithm this method is not very accurate.

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