I have problems producing reasonable plots of quantitative fields in SpatVector objects. Using data from the example on the help page:

v <- vect(system.file("ex/lux.shp", package="terra"))
plet(v, "POP", tiles="")

enter image description here Note the color scale is not appropriate for a continuous variable and the legend is not ordered.

r <- rast(system.file("ex/elev.tif", package="terra"))
#correct plot:
plet(r, tiles="")

enter image description here

rp <- as.points(r)
plet(rp, "elevation", tiles="")

enter image description here

It looks like the quantitative field is plotted as if it were qualitative, but I do not see specific options in the parameter list.

  • Apparently, one needs to install the development version of leaflet to run this code.
    – markhogue
    May 29 at 20:14
  • Tested with github versions of both terra (terra_1.7-34) and leaflet (leaflet_2.1.2.9000). Note the problem is not errors, but inappropriate plots. I edit to include screenshots. May 30 at 6:29

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Reported as a bug to https://github.com/rspatial/terra/issues/1177 Follow there the issue.


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