I'd like to use CoffeeScript with Nano.js, a minimalistic CouchDB module. In JavaScript, the requirements are:

var nano = require('nano')('');

However, there is no documentation on how to write this in CoffeeScript?

nano = require 'nano', ''

Results in:

nano = require('nano', '');

Which doesn't work.

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Since you are calling a function which calls a function, doing what you tried is ambiguous. Parentheses are required in CoffeeScript to resolve ambiguity. Have you tried this:

nano = require('nano')('')

Or, if you really want to go without parens, you could do this:

nano = require 'nano'
nano = nano ''

Or just

nano = require('nano') ''
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    or nano = (require 'nano') '' :) – Ricardo Tomasi Oct 3 '11 at 19:53

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