I have a JupyterLab notebook that I can export to Reveal.js slides just fine: it produces a nice html file that I am able to view in my browser. It looks like this:


Now I want to take that same notebook and start a live slideshow in JupyterLab, using RISE. But when I click on the Render notebook button (circled in the picture below), I get the following error:

404 : Not Found

I am thinking that there must be something very basic that I have done wrong, but I am afraid that I have no idea what it is (I use JupyterLab with Sagemath kernel frequently when I teach, but I am just starting to use Reveal.js and RISE, so I am probably missing a lot of what is going on here).

Would anyone please have any pointers to help me fix the issue?

Thank you very much!


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