In Embarcadero Delphi 11, when creating a new VCL project, the Target Platform is by default set to Windows 32-bit. For ease of access, I would like to be able to make new projects default to Windows 64-bit.

With most installations of Windows being 32-bit apps, and the release of Windows 11 no longer supporting a 32-bit variant, compatibility is no longer an issue for most devices. 32-bit apps also have their own version of the Windows registry.

While switching the platform doesn't take long, it's not ideal. And I assume the default project file is not hard-coded in the IDE, so there must be a way to change its settings.

I tried to search in the %PUBLIC%\Documents\Embarcadero folder for any files that could be the default project. I also attempted to search the IDE for any settings talking of a default project. The only settings called Default Project, refers to the default folder in which a new project is created.

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    "32-Bit apps also have their own version of the Windows registry and can't handle Int64 values." 32-bit applications can handle 64-bit integers just fine. (But pointers are restricted to 32-bit integers.) Jun 2 at 9:31
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    IIRC, this is not possible, but there is a feature request to make it possible. Jun 2 at 9:31
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    I just had a quick look in the Embarcadero Jira, but didn't find it. (I don't like the Jira search feature.) I'm a bit occupied right now, so I'll search more later today. Jun 2 at 9:33
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    Ah, here it is: RSP-39042 Jun 2 at 9:40
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    How often do you make new projects? Jun 2 at 12:43


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