I am Delphi beginner and I am creating a small contacts management application. I would like to be able to select a PDF file within Delphi and display it without having to open Adobe Acrobat Reader application. I followed the steps to import Adobe Reader ActiveX control, but after the import, I still can not see the control in my paletes to drop the control on my form. I see that the import was successful and there is AcroPDFLib.pas in Imports. I have attached pictures that shows the steps I took to add the control. Thanks for any help on this.Step 1Step 2Step 3ActiveX showing in the imports

With a list of PDF files in Delphi ListBox control, I want to select a PDF file from the list and then open it inside my application. The Adobe ActiveX does not show in my paletes.

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    Chrome based browsers like Microsoft Edge can display PDFs. As a result a lot fewer people are installing Acrobat Reader these days. Would suggest looking into using TEdgeBrowser.
    – Brian
    Jun 2 at 13:27
  • Hi Brian. Thanks for your suggestion. I really would like something very light and integrated in my application. Anyway, I will give a try to this TEdgeBrowser and see if it fits my purpose.
    – Marcell
    Jun 2 at 14:58
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    Acrobat is by far not "very light" either.
    – AmigoJack
    Jun 2 at 15:32
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    Search for PDF reader components written in Delphi. TMS has new one, and there are a bunch of others available. You probably do not need to support 100% of the PDF file format, or even most of it, if all you want to do is show the file contents. I reverse-engineered the file format once before I found the spec; it took about 2 hours, and I was able to display all of the PDF files I needed to. But I concur with AmigoJack -- there's nothing "light" about this DLL (or ANY of Adobe's stuff). Jun 12 at 12:08


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