I have a simple test program, in which I try to get a Virtual Listview to work. But it won't work properly, because when the TListview OwnerData is enabled, the OnChange no longer is called when a group of Items in UN-selected. As a result, I end up with a larger and larger group of Virtual Items, which are marked as Selected, but they have been un-selected in the ListView itself.

However, in the second ListView which is NOT in Ownerdata, all UnSelect items cause an OnChange, as would be expected.

I have been working on it for days, but I cannot make it work. It would be great if somebody would be prepared to have a look at it, and see what I may do wrong, as I really don't think the problem is with my own code...

The entire test program source can be downloaded here (200k):


Thanks, Bart

  • Isn't this as designed? I know that my virtual list views have no problems dealing with selection. I expect you just need to think differently about how it works. Jun 4 at 7:04

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As David already mentioned, that is as designed. In virtual mode you need to wire the OnSelectItem event to get notified about the change of an items selection state.

In case you allow multi selection in the view, the OnSelectItem is not sufficient and the OnDataStateChange has to be wired, too. It is then mandatory to use both events, as each covers only a subset of use cases.

  • I will update my question with more details.
    – Bart Kindt
    Jun 4 at 18:44
  • Now I suddenly cannot edit my own question.
    – Bart Kindt
    Jun 4 at 18:46
  • OnSelectItem is NOT reporting on many Items which are US-Selected. As I can no longer edit my question, please read the actual LOG results step-by-step here. This shows exactly what happens. As does the source code I uploaded. sartrack.nz/temp/VirtualListView1.txt .. Just a short text file.
    – Bart Kindt
    Jun 4 at 19:12

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