Have huge data in Oracle DB. To search datas we create WPF application. When user type symbol like A%, query should seacrh both, in Latin and in Cyrillic word. Symbols already recorded in Cyrillic in DB. Column type varchar2(20byte) and can not be changed type. In query I tried,

Select *
from Table1
where symbol=N'A'; // A - Latin symbol 

but no result. I in query I put Cyrillic symbol there is result.

How to od it?

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    Does every cyrillic glyph have an unambiguous latin counterpart?
    – Fildor
    Jun 6 at 9:36
  • not all, A, O, E,C, K and some more Jun 6 at 9:41
  • And do you restrict "searchable" characters to those? Or what can users enter in general? Just single chars?
    – Fildor
    Jun 6 at 9:43
  • they will enter like A54186, K51786, AK574178, CC015687, AKC962896 or AKCOE etc. Jun 6 at 9:50
  • Ok, in such cases you need to get hits on for example "A54186" as well as "А54186" (the cyrillic one), I see now.
    – Fildor
    Jun 6 at 9:56

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If you only have a limited number of characters then you can use TRANSLATE to substitute the Cyrillic character(s) to their ASCII equivalent(s):

FROM   Table1
WHERE  TRANSLATE(symbol, UNISTR('\0410'), 'A') = 'A';

Which, for the sample data:

CREATE TABLE table1 (symbol VARCHAR2(10));
INSERT INTO table1 (symbol) VALUES ('A');
INSERT INTO table1 (symbol) VALUES (UNISTR('\0410'));




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