I try create a wrapper for HTTP calls as a Dynamic Library and I have come this far I am able to add Header and PostData, however, I need to add some special headers which look like this:

NetHTTPClient1.CustomHeaders['HeaderName1[HeaderName2]'] := 'HeaderValue';

I use this to add "regular" headers

NetHTTPClient1.CustomHeaders['HeaderName1'] := 'HeaderValue';

I use Delphi 10.4 CE on Windows 10 Pro x64...

Any thoughts / ideas / solutions are really appreciated .....

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    HeaderName1[HeaderName2] is not a legal HTTP header name. HTTP header names are defined as tokens, and the characters [ and ] are not allowed in tokens per RFCs 2616 and 7230. Why do you need this, exactly? Jun 7 at 17:15
  • I have this token (among others of same style) which needs to be sent ajax_page_state[theme]=pco_theme Jun 7 at 17:35
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    That is not an HTTP header, that needs to be passed in either the url query string or in the post body, depending on what the server is expecting. Jun 7 at 17:49
  • YAY .... what an IDIOT I am .................. :D Jun 7 at 19:44
  • @Remy-Lebeau I had switched POSTDATA and REQUESTHEADER in my TEST APP calling the DLL :( ........ Jun 7 at 20:01


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