I have a properties file with some boolean values. AFAIK, java.util.properties does not have anything like getBoolean. Is there any other Java library that can do this? Or maybe there is another way, except of doAction = "true".equals(yourProperties.getProperty("doaction"));


Apache Commons Configuration provides that on top of java.util.Properties.

boolean doAction = config.getBoolean("doaction");
// ...

How about using Boolean.parseBoolean() to do the conversion, like this:

Boolean foo = Boolean.parseBoolean(yourProperties.getProperty("foo"));

At least that way it will be consistent with other Java string to boolean conversions.

I've tested, and this seems to happily convert a missing property (returned as null) to false which is handy.


When the Properties of your file are loaded you can use the Boolean-Class to get the Properties:


to retreive the value of the property.

See JavaDoc

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    According to JavaDoc it reads just system properties. – Lluis Martinez Oct 29 '13 at 11:54

There's also the java.util.prefs package, its Preferences has methods like getBoolean.

propiedades.setProperty("property", "true");


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    I fail to see what this adds over the other answers that were posted 4 years ago. – user369450 Sep 17 '15 at 4:37

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