I create software using PHP. I'm going to sell this software so I need to protect my source code so that nobody can view it. How can I protect my PHP code so that the software still functions the same?

I also need to bind the software to a particular, authorized PC. It should not run on any other PC. How can I do that? Should I encrypt using LAN MAC address? Does anyone have any other ideas?


I put together the following list a ways back - don't know if they are all current, or how many are now free, but you should find something useful here:


  1. Wikipedia article: PHP Accelerator
  2. Comparison of APC, Zend, xCache, & the Zend Framework


  1. Safeyar (Best)
  2. PHP's APC (PECL page)
  3. RoadSend
  4. Turck-mmcache
  5. eAccelerator
  6. PHP-Accelerator
  7. SourceGuardian
  8. NuSphere Nu-coder
  9. Gridinsoft
  10. IonCube SA-Encoder.php

Another thread on SO that adds a few more (check it out):

Can I encrypt PHP source or compile it so others can't see it? and how?

  1. Zend Guard
  2. BCompiler (PECL page)
  3. PHC
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What you may be looking for is not cryptography per se, but rather obfuscation. If you Google for "php obfuscate", many choices show up. The first one is from Raizlabs.

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SourceGuardian will do what you want.

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Just Download http://www.phplockit.com/demo.php its gives what you want.

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Why do not you use ionCube or Zend Guard?

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Usually there is a key to every locked door...

So before using / purchasing some of the encryptors on the market, take your time and search google to check if it is not already an "easy breakable" way of encoding.

For example: http://www.kgbiz05.com/decoders

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See our SD PHP Obfuscator for a reliable PHP obfuscation tool.

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