I'm working on a software for test automation. To get it working it need's to "have a look" on the desktop and all open windows. It needs to know which windows are open and what controls they consist of. So it has to do something similar to what Spy++ is doing (Spy++ from Visual Studio). Does anyone know how Spy ++ get's all the information? Are there any Windows Methods one can call to retrieve information about open windows?


You can use EnumWindows to get all top level windows. Within the lpEnumFunc you can call FindWindowEx to get child windows/controls of each top level window and then any other interesting function that gives you information you need, e.g. GetClassName, GetClassInfo, GetClientRect etc. etc. Take a look here for more


It's called a windows hook. Checkout the Win32 API SetWindowHookEx.

There are different types of hooks, they reside in a DLL and that DLL function is called by Windows for the type of windows messages of a specific thread or all threads in the same desktop.

Please also see my related answer on Windows hooks here.

  • thanks anyway, those hook's are "the other big thing" i need ... – Marcus Tik Apr 19 '09 at 7:53

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