I ran the command npm install -g generator-jhipster as JHipster's website states on the Homepage at chapter "JHipster Quick Start".

NPM installed version v8.0.0-beta.1. How to get rid of a beta and install the latest stable version?


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Thanks to user jonsharpe I could install the "stable" version. The developers would not care and ship a bleeding edge version, though this seems uncommon to me. But it is simple to remove it. If one installs a global version, it it required to remove it using the flag -g. Source: How to Remove a Global Package with npm Uninstall

These steps solved my question:

  1. npm uninstall -g generator-jhipster

  2. Select a version tag at npm - generator-jhipster

  3. npm install -g [email protected]

That's it folks.

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