I have a model that has many fields, however for this problem I only need 3 of those fields. When I try to serialize a .values set I get an exception:

'dict' object has no attribute '_meta'

This is my code:

queryset = myModel.objects.filter(foo_icontains=bar).values('f1', 'f2', 'f3')
serialized_q = serializers.serialize('json', queryset, ensure_ascii=False)

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As other people have said, Django's serializers can't handle a ValuesQuerySet. However, you can serialize by using a standard json.dumps() and transforming your ValuesQuerySet to a list by using list(). If your set includes Django fields such as Decimals, you will need to pass in DjangoJSONEncoder. Thus:

import json
from django.core.serializers.json import DjangoJSONEncoder

queryset = myModel.objects.filter(foo_icontains=bar).values('f1', 'f2', 'f3')
serialized_q = json.dumps(list(queryset), cls=DjangoJSONEncoder)
  • Finally, this helped me which I want the Queryset to be converted to JSON and then returned to the template.
    – Kyle_397
    Mar 6, 2020 at 14:28

Django serializers can only serialize queryset, values() does not return queryset rather ValuesQuerySet object. So, avoid using values(). Rather, specifiy the fields you wish to use in values(), in the serialize method as follows:

Look at this SO question for example

objectQuerySet = ConventionCard.objects.filter(ownerUser = user)
data = serializers.serialize('json', list(objectQuerySet), fields=('fileName','id'))

Instead of using objectQuerySet.values('fileName','id'), specify those fields using the fields parameter of serializers.serialize() as shown above.

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    Yes I am aware that .values() returns a list, however simplejson.dumps gives me a jsondata is not JSON serializable, the ValuesQuerySet is in the form: [{'key1': 'value1', 'key2': 'value2'}]
    – bash-
    Oct 4, 2011 at 16:06
  • Yes, it depends on what data looks like, the first example from the linked answer is what you are looking for. Oct 4, 2011 at 16:06
  • 23
    @bash- just call list() on it first. Oct 4, 2011 at 16:08
  • 2
    Yes list(ValuesQuerySet) should return list which can then be serialized with simplejson. Oct 4, 2011 at 16:11
  • 1
    @rebus thanks, it didn't work before because there was a DecimalField and it couldn't be serialized
    – bash-
    Oct 4, 2011 at 16:30

Make list from objectQuerySet:

data_ready_for_json = list( ConventionCard.objects.filter(ownerUser = user).values('fileName','id') )
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    This was the quickest and simplest solution for me. I appended JsonResponse(data_ready_for_json, safe=False) and it worked perfectly in an Ajax call. Mar 5, 2018 at 21:53
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    I had similar problem. Above solution of using list(queryset) worked very well. Thanks Max! Jul 1, 2020 at 16:01
  • This works like a charm!!!
    – Shedrack
    Jan 21 at 22:22

My solution, It's work fine

from django.core.serializers import serialize
import json

permission_list = Permission.objects.all().order_by('-id')
permission_serialize= json.loads(serialize('json', permission_list))
return JsonResponse({'data': permission_serialize})
  • Why do you serialize() and then loads() just to have the JsonResponse serialize the list again. This is extra, unnecessary work. Jun 21, 2021 at 15:10

Just cast to dict every item and create json with json.dumps:

json.dumps([dict(item) for item in SomeModel.objects.all().values('id', 'title')])

Try this:

queryset = myModel.objects.filter(foo_icontains=bar)
serialized_q = serializers.serialize(queryset, many = True)
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