I use a service to manage dialogs, which works nicely and decouples the visualization details from my view models.

My code (below) can easily set the dialog window owner to the Main Window, but what I would really like to do is position it next to the graphical item (ie, button, whatever) that called it.

Has anyone got an MVVM solution to this?


    // helper to create and prep windows in WPF
    private Window _createWindow(
        string key, object dataContext, bool setOwnerToCurrentMainWindow, 
        EventHandler<UICompletedEventArgs> completedProc, bool isModal)
        var win = _registrationService.CreateRegisteredType<Window>(key);
        win.DataContext = dataContext;


        if (setOwnerToCurrentMainWindow)
            win.Owner = Application.Current.MainWindow;


        return win;

Then whats stopping you? As far as I know, taking help of Attached Behavior is perfectly allowed in the MVVM scenario.

If you dont want to try this using attached behavior totally ... then

The existing graphical item's coordinate values Top-Left and Size can be OneWayToSource bound to your parent View's data context (lets say ParentVM).

If not because ActualSize is ReadOnly so bind it via an Attached Behavior (again perfectly allowed in MVVM).

So the ParentVM can hold Top, Lef, Bottom, Right coordinates of the original graphical item. They can be sent across to your Window creation call via the dataContext (which is something I guess you can send) where we can bind that to the child Window's Top and Left.

Do criticise if there is something a miss in my reply. :)

  • Attached Behaviors still don't come naturally to me - can you scratch one out in code? Cheers – Berryl Oct 5 '11 at 10:33

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