After creating a JHipster project, I get the following message:

 Spring Boot application generated successfully.
  Run your Spring Boot application:
  ./mvnw (mvnw if using Windows Command Prompt)

When I run ./mvnw, I get a build successful message, but nothing happens. So I tried running npm start, but I get this error:

npm ERR! Missing script: "start"
npm ERR!
npm ERR! Did you mean one of these?
npm ERR!     npm star # Mark your favorite packages
npm ERR!     npm stars # View packages marked as favorites
npm ERR!
npm ERR! To see a list of scripts, run:
npm ERR!   npm run

The only start I have in my package.json is "app:start": "./mvnw", so I don't know if I need to add this the start script to my package.json, and if I do, I don't know what it should be pointing to. Any help?

  • Which operating system are you running on? Which version of nodejs? run node -v. I don't know how you generated your project, but if you look at the sample project, its package.json has a start script github.com/jhipster/jhipster-sample-app/blob/main/… Jun 22 at 16:17
  • I'm on Windows 11 with Node v20.3.1. I tried using the start script from the sample project, but I get this error message: 'ng' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
    – Diana
    Jun 22 at 20:06
  • node v20.3.1 is not a LTS release, JHipster supports only LTS. nodejs.dev/fr/about/releases More, JHipster 7 has some issues with Node 18 that will be fixed in JHipster 8. So, for now, use Node 16.nodejs.org/download/release/latest-v16.x Then you are on Windows, which shell are you using? To use the sample project, you must run npm install in it because you did not generate the project. Jun 22 at 21:33
  • The issue is I was using jabba as well which only works with Node 18 and up.
    – Diana
    Jun 23 at 5:51
  • So you should use JHipster 8 even if it's still in beta version, it's the only version that works with node 18. But maybe this is already what you use because it's the current default when you npm install -g generator-jhipster Jun 23 at 10:46


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