I been using PHP to access my email from Office 365 but the email it self is from Gabohost (godaddy):

$mbox = imap_open( "{outlook.office365.com:993/imap/ssl}INBOX"

Few days ago, Gabohost wrote that they no longer will be allowing "Basic Authentication". So I've checked online and holy ___ going from 1 line code to 50 to access e-mail seems a lot.

So I just wanted to ask, without using 3rd party tools etc, I REALLY have to create an app on microsoft dev and use pretty chunky codes to access email from now on? There's no easier way? :/ I only need to be able to Read, delete & move emails (not send).

Thanks a lot in advance guys


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You may consider using the Graph API instead, see Use the Microsoft Graph API for more information.

Microsoft has disabled basic auth protocol for POP/IMAP accounts, read more about that in the Basic Authentication Deprecation in Exchange Online – September 2022 Update - Microsoft Community Hub article.


Yes, no matter what you use - IMAP4, Graph, or anything else - Basic auth is going away. OAuth is the one and only way.


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