I've got a list and everything works fine when using this approach, the problem is that this list is very long. What I want to do is to put some html after half or something.

<form:checkboxes element="div" path="user.bags" items="${bags}" itemValue="id" temLabel="name" />

First of all, is there any way to manipulate this list? or do I have to loop through it?

When I loop through it it seems like it is doing something like this. I'm I even on the right track here?

<c:forEach items="${bags}" var="bag" varStatus="status">
<form:checkbox path="user.bags[${status.index}]" value="{bag.id}" name="?"/>

Any answer is good!


I would probably pass two lists so you then specify the html. The checkboxes tag just creates the html ... to see exactly what it does just view your rendered page.

  • Thanks for the answer.I think my explenation was a bit fuzzy. I want to split the list or put som html after half. To break up the list in 2 columns sort of. – Gelbander Oct 5 '11 at 14:49
  • split the list in yr controller... then you can just have two checkboxes tags referecnes the two lists – NimChimpsky Oct 5 '11 at 15:02

Use varStatus to do modulo operation on it and then use any preferred number to check in C:if condition and then on every such occurrence use new column.

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