I have a TRPC public procedure in my NextJS project. Currently one of the methods, I pass in the shopping cart of a customer, which is an array of objects. I want to add the user details in addition to the array of objects for the cart. I can't find any documentation online about multiple TRPC inputs, and I can't use useContext on the TRPC backend. Could someone assist please?

 createCheckoutSession: publicProcedure.input(
        query(async (opts) => {
            const cart = opts.input;
            // const user = useGetUserData();
            // console.log(user);



export const cartSchema = z.array(
        productId: z.string(),
        name: z.string(),
        categoryId: z.string(),
        price: z.number(),

        cartQuantity: z.number(),
        live: z.boolean(),
        inCart: z.number(),
        description: z.string(),
        imageUrl: z.array(z.string()),

I want to add the below, which is also stored in context

export const UserSchema = z.object({
    userId: z.string(),
    sessionId: z.string(),
    firstName: z.string(),
    surname: z.string(),

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In general if you want multiple inputs, you can put them in an object

createCheckoutSession: publicProcedure.input(
        cart: cartSchema,
        user: userSchema,
).query(async (opts) => {
    const cart = opts.input.cart;
    const user = opts.input.user;
    // do stuff with them

That being said for the specific case you're mentioning, the frontend should almost never have authoritative information about the user. That's the backend's job.

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