I am new to this version control bussiness and i chose to use tortoise svn 1.8 as a start downloaded here .I also created an account with google code and was given these instructions

# Project members authenticate over HTTPS to allow committing changes.
svn checkout https://research-and-writers-club.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ research-and-writers-club --username deniswisedeniswise@gmail.com

When prompted, enter your generated googlecode.com password. 

The problem
I want to connect to this account using tortoise as described in an answer here and here but i dont see a "SVN Checkout" BUT THERE IS "CVS Chechout" and clicking it gives a complicated dialog box and am unsure how to proceed. Please help.(am new to tortoise svn).


You downloaded TortoiseCVS, whereas you need TortoiseSVN. The former is a CVS client, the latter is a SVN client.


You downloaded Tortoise CVS and not Tortoise SVN. Install the good one and it will work ;-)


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