I have a shell script that runs on my server every day. It does some house cleaning and connects to a remote host to perform other tasks i.e.


#do something...

#run remote script...
ssh user@remotehost "/opt/process/verify.sh"


It works fine but to be safe I would like to capture (if possible) the return code from "/opt/process/verify.sh" i.e.

  • if fail, return "1" and send email to admin
  • if success, return "0" and send email to developer.

I started reading about the command trap. Can I use it for that purpose? Is there another option?

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ssh returns the return value of the command in question, or 255 if an error occurred in ssh itself. Simply check this value and take appropriate action.


You can use the $? variable to get the response code. For instance:

% ssh somebox /bin/true
% echo $?
% ssh somebox /bin/false
% echo $?
ssh user@remotehost "/opt/process/verify.sh"
echo $?

echo $? print return code

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