I have a filter expression and Key Condition The filter expression is {"Age":{"eq":3},"Sex":{"eq":"MALE"}}

const params: QueryCommandInput = {
            TableName: my_table_name,
            KeyConditionExpression: 'userId = :userId and begins_with(lastName, :lastName)',
            ExpressionAttributeValues: expressionAttributeValues,
            FilterExpression: filterExpression, // Assuming fullFilter is a valid FilterExpression
            ExpressionAttributeNames: expressionNames

I want to pass the above filter expression as a string which I am doing using

    getFilterExpression(filter) {
    const expressions = [];
    Object.entries(filter).forEach(([key, value]) => {
        const expressionKey = `#${key}`;
        const expressionValue = `:${key}`;
        expressions.push(`${expressionKey} = ${expressionValue}`);
    return expressions.length > 0 ? expressions.join(' AND ') : undefined;

ExpressionAttributeNames = {"#Age":"Age","#Sex":"Sex"}

But now I want to pass in the Age and Sex values in ExpressionAttributeValues

How can I extract the Key 'Age', 'Sex' and only the values

I have this piece of code which is not working as expected

filter = #Age = :Age AND #Sex = :Sex

        for (const [k, v] of Object.entries(filter)) {
        expressionNames[`#${k}`] = k;
        sets.push(`#${k} = :${k}`);
        expValues[`:${k}`] = typeof v === 'number' ? { N: v } : { S: v };

which gives me


and when I pass this to the DyanmoDb query I get an error

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The problem lies in the formation of the ExpressionAttributeValues.

Try this:

const filter = {
    Age: {eq: 3},
    Sex: {eq: "MALE"}

const expressionAttributeValues = {}

for (const [k, v] of Object.entries(filter)) {
    expressionAttributeValues[`:${k}`] = v.eq;

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    Thank you for your response. It got me to thinking that my filters can have comparison operator ( EQ | NE | LE | LT.. etc) So I modified it a bit to support my needs : const attributeValue = typeof value === 'object' ? value[Object.keys(value)[0]] : value; Commented Aug 2, 2023 at 16:49

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