Flex uses by default UTF-8. I have not fount a way to specify a different encoding/charset on the actionscript WebService class.


Ummm, look here:


I think that sample implies that declaring your mxml file as iso-8859-1 might do the trick, but I really don't think so.

I might be wrong but as far as I know the Flash player only handles UTF-8 encoding. I've searched for a link to an official page saying so, but couldn't find it.

If that's the case you either:

a) update the webservice to handle UTF-8 encoding

b) if that's not possible, proxy your call to your own webservice that accepts UTF-8 and then call the actual one.

You might want to give a go to the old system.useCodepage=true trick BUT that didn't use to work when the user was on Linux or Mac, USE WITH CARE!


There is also a way to specify an encoding to the flex compiler but that does not seem to work. Right now the only solution I have found is to re-encode the incomming requests on the server side. I am surprised this limitation is not written black on white in the flex reference documentation.

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