I wanted to: 1. In Windows, Determine the system's default browser 2. Pass the browser to a new-object definition 3. Open the browser and goto a url

This is what works so far:

    Function GET-DefaultBrowserPath {
        #Get the default Browser path
        New-PSDrive -Name HKCR -PSProvider registry -Root Hkey_Classes_Root | Out-Null
        $browserPath = ((Get-ItemProperty 'HKCR:\http\shel\open\command').'(default)').Split('"')[1]
        return $browserPath


However, the only way I know how to open a browser and go to a url is:

$IE = new-object internetexplorer.application

and this does not work:

$browser_object = new-object -com $browserPath.application

nor does this:

$browser_object = new-object -com firefox.application

Any help would be much appreciated.


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The Start-Process cmdlet will open your default browser and navigate to the URL:

Start-Process $url

Try this:

$path = GET-DefaultBrowserPath
$url = "www.microsoft.com"
&$path $url

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