I am having a couple of issues with a VPC/Simple AD/Workspaces environment that I created.

Based on Amazon's documentation, I built a VPC, Simple AD and Workspaces environment. The VPC data flow is listed below in the diagram. The private subnets are flowing through the NAT GW (project-nat-public1-us-east-1a) and the public subnets are flowing through the Internet Gateway (project-igw).

The Simple AD configuration contains one public and one private subnet.

Simple AD Config project-subnet-public1-us-east-1a - project-subnet-private2-us-east-1b -

Subnets subnet-0377598c8d199b786 / project-subnet-public1-us-east-1a -
subnet-0333598c8d199b444 / project-subnet-private1-us-east-1a - subnet-0abdc358198a8767e / project-subnet-private2-us-east-1b - subnet-0fa59834ad498af13 / project-subnet-public2-us-east-1b -

enter image description here


  1. The first issue is I cannot seem to control which subnet within the Simple AD configuration a newly created Workspace lands. It will be part of either or Is there a way to control which subnet the Workspaces system will fall into. I am trying to get all Workspaces to be part of

  2. The second issue is Internet access is NOT available when a Workspace system lands in the public subnet, which flows through the Internet Gateway (project-igw). I created an EC2 and put it in this subnet. I was able to get Internet access by using a security group and providing the appropriate firewall rules. I tried to enable Internet access through the Simple AD configuration and add a security group, but that didn't work either.

Has anybody had these issues and resolved it?


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