I have the following snippet of XSL that is pulling in a link from data in a component.

<div class="announcements__cta">
<a href="{$href1}" class="cta cta--link"><xsl:value-of select="$label1"/></a></div>

Is there a way to write and if/else to exclude this snippet of code from displaying if there is no URL?

I am extremely new to XSL, so I have not tried anything as I'm not sure where to start. I have access to edit the XML in which the data is being parsed, and I've set the link to be optional; however, it is still coming across when being executed.


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In general, there are 2 methods of writing to the output only if some node exists:

  1. Use a template matching the node. If the node doesn't exist, the template will not be instantiated;

  2. Use a construct of:

    <xsl:if test="some-node">

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