English is not my first language so I'm sorry if I couldnt describe whats going on exactly. Currently, Im planning to setup remote repository on arfifact registry for this image: https://hub.docker.com/r/flowingspdg/csgo-get5-docker-dev . So I set up remote repository on asia-northeast1, tried to pull it with docker but it failed with Internal Server Error 500.

I understand that remote repository is in preview, but I was wondering if anybody having same issue as I do. Thank you.

I'm working on Container Optimized OS. Set up access token for asia-docker.pkg.dev : (oauth2 access token can be generated on Cloud Shell(gcloud auth print-access-token).

docker login -u oauth2accesstoken https://asia-docker.pkg.dev

Tried to pull image on remote repository:

ruk1ium@instance-1 ~ $ docker pull asia-docker.pkg.dev/got5-90e88/get5loader-srcds-image-proxy-asia/flowingspdg/csgo-get5-docker-dev
Using default tag: latest
latest: Pulling from got5-90e88/get5loader-srcds-image-proxy-asia/flowingspdg/csgo-get5-docker-dev
ddade83992f9: Pull complete 
022fec5bfa78: Pull complete 
4f4fb700ef54: Pull complete 
07700b897eec: Pull complete 
1a5dc8d59e92: Pull complete 
91c0dab035b5: Pull complete 
799c4dc35eec: Pull complete 
4993168e1df0: Retrying in 1 second 
0db1ca3b5cf0: Download complete 
ea7588ae7c66: Download complete 
d7efbccded20: Download complete

it shows Retrying in 1 second in log but actually it fails eventually.

It works when I try pulling same image on standard repository so I doubt its remote repository's issue.

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We've made some improvements to the error handling for remote repos recently. If you try again, it may give a more useful error

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