I'm using "@angular/core": "^16.2.0", "typescript": "5.1.6", and "ng-jhipster": "0.16.0" in my Angular project. When trying to run the project, I encounter the following error:

app.main.ts:14 Error: Unexpected value 'NgJhipsterModule' imported by the module 'TechAppModule'. Please add an @NgModule annotation.

Here's the relevant part of my app.module.ts:

import { JhiEventManager, NgJhipsterModule } from 'ng-jhipster';


    imports: [
            alertAsToast: false,
            i18nEnabled: true,
            defaultI18nLang: 'en'
    declarations: [
    providers: [
            provide: NgbDateParserFormatter,
            useClass: NgbDateCustomParserFormatter
    exports: [...],
    bootstrap: [JhiMainComponent]
export class TechAppModule {}

Has anyone faced a similar issue or can guide me on how to resolve this? I suspect there might be some incompatibility or a missing configuration.

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ng-jhipster has been merged into the generator-jhipster.

As you can see the repo is now read only since 2021.

You should probably take a look at their demo app.


As far as I can see, this library is outdated and it also has outdated dependencies. The last publish was 3 years ago, which I highly suspect it is not compatible with angular 16.


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