I am currently trying to add tokens to a CMS using PHP.

The user can enter (into a WYSIWYG Editor) a string such as [my_include.php]. We would like to extract anything with this format, and turn it into an include of the following format:


Can anyone assist with composing the RegExp and extraction process to allow this? Ideally, I would like to extract them all into a single array, so that we can provide some checking before parsing it as the include();?


preg_replace('~\[([^\]]+)\]~', 'include "\\1";', $str);

Working sample: http://ideone.com/zkwX7

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You'll either want to go with preg_match_all(), run the results in a loop and replace whatever you found. Might be a bit faster than the following callback solution, but is a bit more tricky if PREG_OFFSET_CAPUTRE and substr_replace() is used.


function handle_replace_thingie($matches) {
  // build a file path
  $file = '/path/to/' . trim($matches[1]);

  // do some sanity checks, like file_exists, file-location (not that someone includes /etc/passwd or something)
  // check realpath(), file_exists() 
  // limit the readable files to certain directories
  if (false) {
    return $matches[0]; // return original, no replacement

  // assuming the include file outputs its stuff we need to capture it with an output buffer
  // execute the include
  include $file;
  // grab the buffer's contents
  $res = ob_get_contents();
  // return the contents to replace the original [foo.php]
  return $res;

$string = "hello world, [my_include.php] and [foo-bar.php] should be replaced";
$string = preg_replace_callback('#\[([^\[]+)\]#', 'handle_replace_thingie', $string);
echo $string, "\n";


Using preg_match_all(), you could do this:

$matches = array();

// If we've found any matches, do stuff with them
if(preg_match_all("/\[.+\.php\]/i", $input, $matches))
    foreach($matches as $match)
        // Any validation code goes here

        include_once("/path/to/" . $match);

The regex used here is \[.+\.php\]. This will match any *.php string so that if the user types [hello] for example, it won't match.

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