I generated some custom post types in Wordpress where I need to add some html code to the post. The problem is that wordpress adds some nasty paragraphs all over my code and it`s breaking my lines. Is there any way to remove extra paragraphs generated by wordpress for this specific post type?

I use a custom loop for the posts and a single-posttype.php files so I have full control over the general output.

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you can remove the wpautop filter on the content by putting this into the functions.php of your theme by doing like this :


//decide when you want to apply the auto paragraph


function my_custom_formatting($content){
if(get_post_type()=='my_custom_post') //if it does not work, you may want to pass the current post object to get_post_type
    return $content;//no autop
 return wpautop($content);
  • This worked. Just don't like that you have to remove wpautop in it's entirety, then add it back. Anyway.
    – Foxinni
    Oct 4, 2012 at 16:10

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