I've tried (and failed) to find a method for presenting text data in a table for a Facebook Post, Note, or other FB medium that can be viewed inline (sans downloading first) by any Facebook users.

I've tried the following methods:

  1. Searching StackOverflow for "facebook tables". I found this hopeful result from 2016: How to add tables inside facebook instant articles?, but Instant Articles were closed by FB in April 2023, and op-interactive was closed by FB according to their developer docs.

  2. Embedding table text data in a Post/Note from a non-FB https source. This method was closed by FB in 2017.

  3. iFrames might be an option, but there's nothing in their developer docs indicating the syntax for pulling remote data in to a FB post. Additionally, if FB ever decides to close iFrames, all of my tabled data would be lost. Not real enthused about that risk.

  4. FB's Embedded Post option would be perfect, but it's only for importing FB data into a non-FB site.


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