I'm trying to redirect a user which scan a QRCode ( or click a link ) to

  • my app


  • if he doesn't have the app redirected him to the play store on my app's details page.

I've found out Firebase dynamic links but unfortunately they're being deprecated ( in 2025 tho ) but I shouldn't go in that direction.

I've read a lot about Android App Link but as far as I understood ... They don't provide such a feature.

I've found this "Hacky solution" which suggest to have a server which redirects back to the market link ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=<bundleName> ). This should work because if the user already has the app it would open it before the web browser ... But (again as far as I understood) this need to host a web page with a <redirect> meta tag ?

Is is possible to achieve that without hosting a server ?


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