I would like to know how to extract a list of unique lines from a text file. Preferably through Cygwin.

  • What do you mean by "unique" as a verb? – Joe Phillips Apr 20 '09 at 21:36

sort -u file > new_file

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    You can pass stdin to sort, as well: grep -rnw '/path/to/files' | sort -u - > /tmp/out.txt – earthmeLon Feb 2 '16 at 18:31

Your question is somewhat unclear. If you want to eliminate all duplicate lines from a text file you can do something like this:

cat file.txt | sort | uniq
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  • Useless use of cat. no cookie for you either. – simon Apr 20 '09 at 22:48

Since the original question referenced Cygwin, which is Windows specific, I'll mention that Luis' answer works just as well using the GNU utilities for Win32 sort. I use the GNU ports off a USB key when I'm working on a machine that I don't want to install Cygwin on, or downloading and installing Cygwin seems like too heavy a solution for the problem I'm trying to solve.

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