I am trying to acheieve a WITH by combining two of the same models.

Since model is using left joins on a has many relationship, I am having to distinct to ensure duplicate rows do not show.

I want to take the Builder and basically do:

WITH (model with left join) as list
SELECT * from list ORDER BY some_column DESC

The problem I have is I cannot find a function to take data from another model anywhere, I have tried the following:

# Pull through latest records from blah
$builder = Model::query()->distinct('models.id')->leftJoin('blah', 'blah.id', '=', 'models.blah_id')->orderByRaw('models.id, blah.created_at desc');

# With the builder, select from the With

The issue is, the from method always expects a string.. I want to just load it from another model. Can this be done?


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